Tasmania Roads - Alexandra Suspension Br.

Alexandra Suspension Bridge, Launceston

Walking closer from northeast of First Basin toward the 1904 Alexandra Suspension Bridge on the southwest side.

Looking southwest from the north shore of the South Esk River north of First Basin. You can see the immobile cars of the 1972 Launceston Gorge Scenic Chairlift in the foreground of the 2nd photo.

Now walking east toward the bridge from Duck Reach.

Alright, let's cross the bridge, heading over to the northwest shore of Cataract Gorge.

Crossing back south, showing how the suspension cables are anchored for a pedestrian-only bridge (a lot less beefily than for vehicles).

Looking west along the South Esk River and north at the pedestrian walkway truss.

The commemorative plaque can be found attached to the rock wall at the north end of the bridge.

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