Tasmania Roads - A3


The Tasman Bridge over the River Derwent, seen from the top of Mt. Wellington.

A3 EB from its beginning at the tripoint with NH 1 and A6 in Hobart, looking at said bridge and river.

Looking south from a hotel along B32 north of the bridge, then actually heading west over it. This was a Friday morning, so I'd expect it would shortly be going to 3 WB lanes for rush hour.

Australian chevrons are now black arrows on yellow, so all but one of these WB chevrons near the Tasmania Golf Club are old.

The approach causeway for the original McGee's Bridge across the western half of Pittwater sits next to the current A3 roadway, then merges back in at Midway Point. The bridge itself is gone.

WB view of the McGee's causeway.

I was behind this guy for a little bit EB in Sorell.

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