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How many times will we junction SK 2? Turns out, only once. Courtesy Rich Piehl, the first 2 photos are WB at the Manitoba St. Expwy., which finds SK 2 in downtown Moose Jaw, while the last is at the actual SK 2 cloverleaf. The WB-NB ramp takes a longer journey with a driveway and a cross street, hence the 1 km distance between exits. The change from "Canadian Forces Base" (intuitive, comprehensible) to "15 Wing Moose Jaw" is unintuitive and incomprehensible.

A true gem in Moose Jaw, this old shield was still on Athabasca St. EB in 2013. East of Main St. (SK 2), that was the old routing of TCH 1, leading into the Manitoba St. Expwy., before the modern city bypass was built. Now, the modern city bypass shows up on my 1971 map, so how old is this really? Considering the TCH was only created in 1962, I'm going to guess this shield was intended as a "TO" trailblazer, perhaps with a now-gone arrow. But it's still old and cool, so click for a closeup.

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