Saskatchewan Roads - SK 13

All photos are eastbound.

I wish my first photo came out better. Forget 1 photo. The second one is at SK 616, but you can forget turning there. I forget why they named this town this way.

A quite old park sign indeed; the flower started as orange. SK uses this curious inverted-colour pentagon in random places: black shield on yellow signs, here a yellow shield on a brown sign. It's unnecessarily awesome.

Redvers has this Mountie statue along a route named for them. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, then known as the Red Coats for, well, you know, went west in 1874 to bring law and order to the Prairie Provinces. The Red Coat Trail follows assorted routes in AB but is SK 13 for the breadth of Saskatchewan (and continues straight to Winnipeg on MB 2).

June 2013 was a bad month for flooding. Waters were on the rise on 6/6.

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