Rhode Island Roads - Woonsocket


In the Wonderful World of Woonsignage, every route shield comes with direction and arrow (if applicable) packaged neatly inside. They can be found on a diaspora of pages:

RI 104     RI 114     RI 122     RI 126     RI 146

Below are some other things you can see in Woonsocket.

Embossed! Woonsocket sign.

A creative way to avoid the use of a regular diamond sign. The road turns to the left and doesn't so much end as fade out into the railroad tracks. This is actually at the end of a rather long section of road, and it would have been useful for that to have been signed as a dead end much farther back.

Woonsocket was a mill town, and there are certainly at least a dozen of these truss bridges across the river. They're all four lanes wide, but are all pretty much on two-lane roads, and none seems to have a center stripe or any kind of lane marking.

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