Rhode Island Roads - US 6, 6/RI 10

How to get it wrong: US 6 in a MA-style state route shield (no "R.I.") and then a 3-digit SR shield.

US 6 is a surface road for most of RI, but is a freeway between I-295 and RI 10, and multiplexes with the latter for a mile or two before I-95. Welcome to those coming from the RI 10 page; your treasures await.

A one-piece assembly at the RI 116/US 6 intersection (with a blank banner for 116 instead of no directional banner at all), and some ugly signage at the eastern beginning of RI 101. RI/CT 101 to US 44 (with more alternatives once you get that far) is one of the best ways from Providence to Hartford.

Before 2003, RI 101 began in the middle of US 6 and ran around Scituate before splitting off. This photo was taken 21 years prior to that by Michael Summa.

After those awful signs that put the "ass" in "assembly," US 6 EB turns into US 6A, the former surface routing of US 6, at I-295, and then one comes to these signs, both button-copy and thus very rare in RI. Click on each of them for a nighttime view that brings out the buttons. The new freeway (one exit south on I-295) was meant to have been part of I-84 at one time (see CT I-84 for more).

The WB button copy sign that goes with the two above, though it's on the freeway, and completely unnecessary since all traffic is being forced off here (obviously this sign was not created with that in mind). See the I-295/US 6 page (link at bottom) for more photos from here.

I have views like this on the I-295/US 6 page, but this one was snapped on the freeway, facing north. That mound would have been the abutment for the flyover ramp from I-84/US 6 EB to I-295 NB.

These modernistic but unfortunate shields are on the joint onramp from RI 128 and offramp to US 6A.

RI 10 SB and US 6 WB approaching their split.

Just after that split, the WB exit for RI 14 passes under US 6 EB and this sign is on it. RI 195 was a placeholder for I-84 - I don't think this was ever intended to be part of I-195, although the number gives me slight pause.

RI 10 NB and US 6 EB approaching I-95 and the end of the freeway (and thus the end of RI 10). This area of Providence was heavily rebuilt in the past fifteen years, only serving to further entangle the 95/10/6 interchange mentioned above. The last sign is on the I-95 exit ramp that is also US 6 EB.

Providence directional signage. There were two WEST 6's, two EAST 6's, and a WEST 44 as of early 2002 (and I have most of those on the site now).

More directional signage... with a twist. This road, Harris Avenue, hasn't been US 6 for about 20 years, and since it sits right next to the RI 10/US 6 freeway, you'd think RIDOT would have noticed this stray shield. But it's RIDOT we're talking about. US 6 and RI 10 flowed directly into Harris Ave. (check out the RI 10 page, link below, for some killer pics), and US 6 then turned, headed south a bit, and took a pair of ramps into what is now I-195. Those ramps are gone thanks to I-95, but not before the completion of the interchange you can see at the bottom of the I-95 page. Go check that out now as well.

RIDOT gets old and odd, eastbound on Warren Ave. in East Providence and then onto the onramp (also S. County St.). This is former US 6, but now 6 stays on I-195 until Exit 8 (it had been 7, but a pesky left ramp was removed from the East Shore Expressway and Exit 8 was converted to allow left turns).

Saving the Best for Last™, Broadway SB at Warren Ave. This is stupid because the I-195 WB onramp was two blocks ago, from Freeborn Ave. Oh, wait, this is I-I-195.

The I-295/US 6 interchange/stubs
I-95, 95/US 6, and the Providence interchange
I-195 and 195/US 6

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