Rhode Island Roads - US 44

A type of RIDOT font I haven't seen before, US 44 WB and then turning onto RI 94 SB.

No! NONONO! Do NOT be that Department of Transportation. You got it right the first time, you can get it right again.

All sorts of goodies EB at I-295, which is just west of the state-name shield from the previous caption's photos.

WB. I'd classify the first one as a baddie.

They don't listen. This is east of I-295, opposite Fruit Hill Ave. in North Providence. This photo was so close-up, I am able to show you a detail of retro-reflective sheeting in the upper right-hand corner.

This photo isn't as tilted as you think. The hill is that bad in Providence, here at College St. I took the photo for the incorrect arrow placement.

Old-timey Providence shield, the only one for US 44 I've seen (there are a few for US 6). These are on S. Main St. NB just before it becomes US 44.

US 44 EB just before it joins I-195 for a short multiplex.

Sign assemblies leading up to the onramp to I-195 EB, which is the mainline of 44 EB.

The other end of the duplex, westbound. I'm showing you every bridge I possibly can on I-195, including the new green arch bridge to the left and the old Washington Bridge to the right. The original 1930 bridge (US 6/44 originally, and maybe US 1A if Rhode Island cared), I-195 EB, is being replaced in this photo (eastbound traffic is on the future WB span), and the 1968 WB bridge is next. The arches in the right background are for Exit 3 to Gano St., which would have been the western terminus of the US 44 Henderson Bridge freeway.

Funky shields coming from Broadway NB onto the US 44 rotary-ish intersection (really a large one-way bowtie), just south of the eastern end of the Henderson Bridge. That bridge was supposed to carry a US 44 freeway from Exit 6 for a couple of miles, meeting the current alignment, but stubs at either end testify that residents beat the state on this one. Interestingly, the right of way for that freeway remains all the way east, just completely untouched. The second shield is an error, because US 44 EB is following the demi-circle - so it should be EAST, not TO (although 44 WB is just one more left turn away). And I don't like down arrows.

An old shield for the WB side of the bowtie, John St. SB at Taunton Ave.

I-195 and 195/US 44

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A Mike Traverse classic, from the days when Providence experimented with colored U.S. and state highway shields.