Rhode Island Roads - RI 7

All photos were taken northbound until the last.

As spartan as a guide sign can be, painted arrow and stenciled numbers to boot, at the beginning of RI 7 from RI 246 in Providence. Orms St. continues straight to US 44, while RI 7 branches to the right on Douglas Ave., which it follows (as the Douglas Pike) almost to Massachusetts. The Pike, newly paved, continues all the way to Douglas, MA, where it is one of two Main Streets (MA 16 is the other one) - as of 2007, you can finally travel the whole road by automobile.

It's hard to make fun of RIDOT shields in Rhode Island, but all shields should be three digits wide, and the numerals should be centered in all of them as well.

Wide enough for RI 777.

Massachusetts-spec shields, sandwiched by uniquely RIDOT (as in, non-FHWA font) shields.

Same MA problem, opposite direction.

This old stone wall on the northbound side, just past RI 116, marks the turn-in for the old road to Hanton City. A network of unpaved roads begins to the right at this break in the wall, some of which just follow the power lines, and one of which branches off in a promising direction. To get to Hanton City, follow the link below.

On a road from MA 7 into a future development just southwest of Hanton City, that may be a relocated Lydia Ann Road (a road in three pieces connected by trails and bisected by I-295), the painters failed to keep the road clean enough.

It's very hard to find an old LGS in the state. This one is SB at RI 102 just after RI 7 begins. Douglas Pike continues to the Massachusetts border as a town-maintained road, but it was unpaved for many years. Now that that major hurdle has been overcome, perhaps RI 7 could be extended as an important local through route?

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