Rhode Island Roads - RI 403

RI 403 was numbered as the third spur from RI 4 as that highway was constructed southward toward US 1 - RI 401 went from RI 4 to US 1, hence the number, and RI 402 went between RI 4 and RI 2 (also hitting US 1), so RIDOT continued the sequence. It has lived for many years as a two-lane road, but is about to become a full freeway between RI 4 and south of US 1, extending the eastern end of 403 by about a mile.

Construction photos of RI 403
The RI 403 freeway, open 2007 to Davisville

WB RI 403 as it passed underneath US 1. These pictures were taken in early 2002, as freeway clearing was beginning, but there was nothing noticeable. Between then and now, US 1 was rerouted onto an overpass, and the old bridge was torn down. Coming down RI 403 during the earlier phases of construction, you would see a freestanding structure (this bridge, without anything on either side) just before the new US 1 overpass, and because the 1 overpass allows plenty of rooms for four lanes underneath and the old bridge barely had room for two, it was quite a sight. This bridge dated from the construction of the US 1 expressway, and the painted markings ("KEEP RIGHT" in white on black on top, CAUTION in black on yellow on the side) were probably that old. A lot of cars and possibly trucks (like the one in the first photo) had dinged the sides of the overpass, hence the guiderail.

The western end of RI 403 at RI 4, certainly dating to the construction of the RI 4/403 interchange in the 1970's. RI 403 bears right to end at RI 402, which ends immediately to the west at RI 2 and not much farther to the east at US 1.

The westbound ramp to RI 402 crosses this old bridge, which you can work out from piecing together the left side (first two photos) and right side (last two photos) first crossed the Frenchtown Brook in 1955. It's Bridge 435 in the state inventory, and I'm very surprised RIDOT still used ceramic bridge tiles by then.

Construction photos of RI 403
The RI 403 freeway, open 2007 to Davisville
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