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RI 402

All photos taken February 17, 2007, along with RI 403 construction and freeway photos. RI 4 was constructed in pieces, first to RI 401, and ultimately to RI 403 before being completed. Guess which road was the terminus of RI 4 between 401 and 403.

Eastbound, the overuse of construction color will have you seeing orange.

Old RI 402 is permanently closed, but not yet removed at this point across RI 4. The old four-lane divided bridge deck is straight ahead in the second photo, while RI 402 now has two sharp S-curves to get around it. The ramp coming in from the right in the first photo is from RI 4 SB.

Around the second half of the first S-curve onto the new bridge, which is also four lanes wide.

Looking west from the new bridge into a new alignment that will meet RI 2 further north of where RI 402 currently ends. In other words, there won't be nearly so bad a curve on the mainline of 402 as there is now.

Westbound past the eastern S-curve, except instead of following RI 402 I followed the old highway straight toward the closed bridge. That sign says END ROAD WORK, but if the bridge is closed ahead, I don't think that's accurate.

Incidentally, because of this Park and Ride facility, the eastern section of old road is still open to traffic, which is why the contractor can't just leave all the old construction signs up as long as he wants.

The best view yet of the closed bridge, from the end of the eastern stub. It's probably gone now, although knowing RIDOT, it could remain for years and years.

Looking in my rearview mirror eastbound, you see where the divided RI 402 highway ends just east of RI 403, with the old overpass approach to RI 4 in the distant background.

This abutment will form part of the foundation to carry the rest of the RI 403 freeway over RI 402 to RI 4 and the new interchange. Based on the location of this overpass, RI 403 will be constructed as a Davisville bypass, and RI 4 Exit 7 will shift north to meet it. Much of the remaining section of 403 appears to be at least graded by September 2007.

Hand-painted, hand-numbered shields, or so it appears from the overall poor quality of the one-piece sign, at the east end of RI 402.

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