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RI 4

Construction of the new RI 403/RI 402/RI 4 interchange, as seen from RI 4 SB. A development just southeast of RI 4 (Davisville) is all that separates this interchange from the RI 403 freeway, but construction hasn't even started for that last mile.

Autumn 2007 southbound signage at that exit. RI 402 is obviously the shield missing here, but I'm not sure whether the destination greenout is Frenchtown, Quidnessett, or even Davisville. We'll know soon enough.

Massachusetts-style (no "R.I.") shields on the SB ramp to the two highways at Exit 7, looking south from the new RI 402 bridge at the old bridge that is in the process of being removed as of late 2007.

NB approaching I-95, and thus the RI 4 designation disappears from the overhead signs slightly prematurely.

Same area, RI 401 WB with a one-piece assembly. Other than the lack of separate panels, and granted RI's recent departure from FHWA fonts inside shields (the 4 and the R.I. are suspect), these signs are fine for RIDOT. At the rate RIDOT is cutting down on making cuts in metal - first Interstate shields, now entire sign panels - eventually there won't even be a need for signposts, as the signs will simply extend into the ground and support themselves.

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