Rhode Island Roads - RI 37

RI 37

On the left and right sides of the highway as it begins from the middle of nowhere, aka Natick Ave. in the western reaches of Cranston. Despite the stubby appearance of the eastbound roadway (it starts as one lane, then shifts left to the freeway alignment and becomes its full two lanes), RI 37 was never built for extension. Various plans have taken it west to RI 116 or even Connecticut, but these only reached the conceptual stages (116 was the earliest idea for the western terminus). The eastern terminus has had much more ambitious plans - read Steve Anderson's page, linked at bottom.

Eastbound past another older sign (none of these are 1960's era, but some have only been replaced once instead of twice), and then some NJ-style US 1 shields.

Now two second-generation westbound diagrammatic signs, one with a replaced I-95 shield and one that clearly needs it. These are the same age as the ones on I-95 between Exits 9 and 12 (RI 4 and I-295) that were replaced a few years ago - see my I-95 page.

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Exit 4 to I-95
Exit 5 to US 1
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