Rhode Island Roads - RI 3

Everything but the abandoned road photos is southbound.

RI 3 deserves a 3-digit width shield. It's the digit 3, after all....

At the end of a 1000-foot long multiplex with RI 102.

Two images of the abandoned RI 3 at I-95 Exit 4 (RI 3 parallels I-95 for a considerable distance in SW RI). The southern section of 95 coming out of CT used to end here at RI 3, in the process overlapping an expressway on-the-spot upgrade of RI 3 around Locustville. From this intersection up to current Exit 6, I-95 followed RI 3 as a wide four-lane surface road (see the next photo down). If you were to follow the straight line of the old 3 pavement coming from the north, which now runs diagonally across a dirt road and into an embankment, you would come back out on RI 3 after crossing I-95. You can still see the diagonal line in the pavement on this short frontage road from where RI 3 once ran.

The part of RI 3 that was upgraded specifically to handle I-95 traffic.

That shield is very wooden, one of the last of its wonderful kind.

At Woodville Alton Road, I-95 Exit 2. The first sign is typical old RIDOT - nothing will reflect at night - and the second is typical new RIDOT.

In Ashaway; both are metal, both use an old font, but the first is a town sign and the second is state-erected.

End of the road.

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