Rhode Island Roads - RI 246

RI 246 is the original two-lane road that has now been bypassed by RI 146, at least as far as RI 116, where it now ends (well, it ends at the south/east ramps between 146 and 116).

Charles St. (RI 246 in Providence) SB at Orms St., which is the beginning of RI 7. 7 is signed to the right, but the stenciled US 44 shield is also supposed to have a right arrow, since Orms St. continues without 7 to get to 44. Click on the RI 7 page link to see the pair to this shield.

Charles St. northbound at Ashburton St., which is RI 246 SB. In other words, you're going the wrong way to get to I-195.

Another Providence town square sign. I can't help how faded they are, but next time I see one I will get out and take as many closeups as I can.

The shield at the top of this page is the right way to go. This just isn't.

More examples of wrong (new and bold) and right (old and narrow), at the northern end of RI 246. Although there's no sign for it, left is also the way to go to get to RI 146 North - even though the old cloverleaf has been replaced by a northbound folded diamond (one on-, one off-ramp instead of two each).

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