Rhode Island Roads - RI 24/138

RI 24 and 24/138

Shut up, I like windmills. I also like error signs. It's a subtle one, but the left sign should not have the RI 24 shield and the exit distance, because it implies that RI 24 exits itself.

Northbound heading off of the actual Rhode Island (also called Aquidneck Island for disambiguation from the state name) on the Sakonnet River Bridge. RI 138 piggybacks on RI 24 to make it across; it used to use the Stone Bridge (see the RI 138 page linked below) until Hurricane Carol destroyed that in 1954. Had Carol spared the Stone Bridge, the completion of RI 24 may have brought a much more modern bridge in the 1960's, and perhaps RI 138 would still be on the Stone Bridge to this day - or at least on a replacement. As it stands now, this 1956 bridge is on its way out.

Southbound across the bridge, with the Newport (Claiborne Pell) Bridge in the background. Nice truss architecture, but you can see the sore lack of shoulders or a proper center divider warrants replacement.

Even though I-195 leads to Providence in this state, by the time RI 24 gets there, it will be MA 24.

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