Rhode Island Roads - RI 15/114

All photos EB.

The notorious RI off-font, followed by a misplaced Woonsign in Pawtucket - none of the other signs at that intersection have a problem, but RI 122 does indeed go to Woonsocket with its one-piece assemblies. In this case, the arrow isn't on the shield like in Woonsocket; it's just a sideways route shield. Notice the highly yellow NTOR - this waste of space will be repeated before you make it to the bottom of this page.

The first photo atop this page points RI 15 EB traffic onto Pine St. NB from Church St. EB, in a little one-way triangle just west of the Mixed-Up Mile in Pawtucket. RI 15 goes straight through the Mile, while RI 114 gets hopelessly tangled up in US 1. (Clearly, 15 and 114 get tangled up as well, or I wouldn't have the second photo at the top.) This photo is the next block, Pine St. NB at Main St., where RI 15 WB comes from straight ahead and turns right. Basically, 15 EB is the legs of the triangle, and 15 WB the hypotenuse. I have only seen letters inside arrows in central New Jersey, and even then only on new signs. Oh, and don't you love the reuse of an otherwise pedestrian RIGHT LANE sign?

More things that don't belong inside one sign, starting on Roosevelt Ave. at RI 15/114. This seems to be a quick construction job to just make sure some kind of signs got out there, but there's definitely no construction now and I'm not sure there has been in recent years. (It's long overdue, but that's a different matter.)

More foolish non-cutout-ness, but this is Rhode Island, after all. While RI 15 WB goes straight through the Mixed-Up Mile, RI 15 EB runs around the southern end of the circle, following a couple of neighborhood roads onto Armistice Boulevard. There is no center stripe on this road, which looks like any suburban byway, until this STOP sign at Denver St. RI 15 WB jogs onto Spring St. here (so straight ahead is all of 15, while behind you is only 15 EB).

Old wording, old sign, westbound at US 1A (Newport Ave., as you can see in the background) in Pawtucket.

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