Rhode Island Roads - RI 146A

12 Miles from Providence, 1774. And when the snow recedes, you can see this is a Stone. Some things (like distance, or stoniness) never change. Preserved beautifully at the interchange of RI 146, RI 146A (the old alignment of RI 146) and the Old Louisquisset Pike (the old alignment of the old alignment). The stenciled sign is one of many in the general area, but is missing that all-important U after the Q.

Seemingly hand-painted signs with inconsistent 4's and unusual arrows. They're certainly old.

Main St. WB exiting Woonsocket at RI 146A.

Old handpainted shield on this NB sign.

Very old railing means very old bridge, southbound leaving North Smithfield.

The date on the northbound side is 1930. Why am I so specific?

The tiles on the southbound side give away that the original Branch River Bridge (for what was then RI 146 itself, unless it had a different number) was constructed in 1919. 1930 must have seen a widening or significant repair.

The rest of the photos are southbound, starting with the shield atop this page that you'll find just across the Massachusetts border.

Ironstone St., a short old alignment in North Smithfield.

RI 5 leaves a short multiplex, and RI 102 begins here.

All of these are old in different ways. You have your one-piece sharp-cornered assembly, your too-wide non-R.I. LGS shield, and then LGS done the right way.

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