Rhode Island Roads - RI 14

RI 14 is the Plainfield Pike, extending in a very straight way to Plainfield CT from Providence RI. The Turnpike dates from the 19th century, and the shield above dates from the middle of the 20th (certainly well before 1970).

Rhode Island upgraded its portion of the route in the 1920's, to which this bridge attests. Here's the eastbound side.

And here's the westbound side. The ceramic lead plate is the same on both sides, but the end plate (with the date) typically has one saying who funded the bridge and one saying who built it.

The view of the Moosup River from the EB and WB sides, respectively.

Continuing EB, RI 14 turns off of the Plainfield Pike onto RI 102, detouring around the Scituate Reservoir. Old Plainfield Pike continues straight ahead, and RI 14 (with part of 102) is called Plainfield Pike from this intersection eastward. The Old Pike continues to RI 12 and ends, with the original Pike continuing in the woods as a narrow trail. The pavement dips down into the Reservoir, and then rises again on the other side - during a debilitating drought, the roadway rose up out of the reservoir once! The old trail then rejoins RI 14, and the Pike continues into Providence.

Hand-painted and embossed, respectively, eastbound signs on Old Plainfield Pike.

Looking straight across RI 12 at the Really Old Plainfield Pike.

Crossing the northern arm of the reservoir on RI 14 EB.

What is MA 10 doing here? These are both westbound at RI 10/US 6 just after the beginning of RI 14, and yes that says RI 195. The US 6 freeway was briefly numbered 195 in anticipation of a central connection to I-195, though that fell through along with the I-84 freeway plans (the entire US 6 freeway was meant to connect west through Connecticut to I-384). At that point, US 6A came into being to cover for US 6 being moved onto the freeway.

Same scene, EB.

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