Rhode Island Roads - RI 138A

I really only have a bunch of narrow shields of varying ages (none that are very new), but since my RI 138 page is full already, I wanted to split off any RI 138A-related photos I could find. In order to have an excuse to have a page, I had to reach a bit, but I pulled one more sign out of my hat:

This should really be on my RI 138 page, as it is found on 138 SB, but as I said, this page requires a tiny little cheat. Two things make this sign photo-worthy - the large-size capital A (see the other shields for the proper size), and the fact that the letters and numbers inside the shield are background-green, instead of black.

Here, have another northbound shield, or actually two at once, at Purgatory Road just north of the Easton Bay beach. The large A is a style no longer used in RI, but the shield in the background is certainly not a new style, either. Given that the foreground shield is full-width, I'll guess that it's newer.

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