Rhode Island Roads - RI 126

RI 126

Cumberland St. SB, RI 126 up to this point but RI 122 from here on. RI 126 and RI 122 share a wrong-way multiplex across the Blackstone River southeast of downtown Woonsocket.

SB at Worrall St., which leads to RI 104 but doesn't become 104 until a block over - I think. Routes become very fuzzy in RI's cities.

Social St./RI 126 northbound, with an unusual way of telling you the speed limit. I'm not sure Maximum Speed has a legal interpretation (as in, try going 50 and fighting the ticket!).

Just an insurance/medical building, but an interesting one as RI 126 splits into Social St. (NB, left) and Clinton St. (SB, right).

Clinton St. NB at Cumberland St., where RI 126 turns from the right and heads straight ahead, and then RI 126 NB at RI 114. Or maybe only at half of RI 114. Depending on which source you consult, RI 114 either continues left (basically west) on Diamond Hill Rd., using Rathbun St. south to Privilege St., or else heads southward on RI 126 (yes, RI 114 NB would go south) to Privilege St. In either case, it ends over at RI 122. The first photo is at a location that was once the end of RI 104 NB.

SB at the same intersection.

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