Rhode Island Roads - RI 123

Please, RIDOT, stop trying to be different. Please.

All photos westbound.

This is at actual RI 114 in Cumberland. RI 114 also pretends to use Broad St. to the right, two blocks ahead (it does turn left there in reality, along with 123), as far north as Blackstone St.

Very old RIPTA bus station shield, Broad St. NB where RI 114 and RI 123 EB turn right to finish their duplex on Dexter St.

West of RI 114, over the Cumberland River, with a strange end treatment at the northwest end of the bridge parapet. At least it has the old bridge tiles.

I hate to call these older shields, but RI is starting to embrace 3-digit wide shields now. The ugly one atop this page is just west of here, and if that's how they make the wide ones, go back to the narrow ones.

This sign could still be usable, but it needs a patched shield, and I wouldn't trust RIDOT with fabricating (or authorizing the fabrication of) the replacement.

WB at RI 246, not MA 246, which is old RI 146.

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