Rhode Island Roads - RI 122

RI 122

Two ways to get it wrong. The first shield wouldn't even look right in Massachusetts, thanks to the bold numerals.

Both for the same ramp, northbound. One's older, one's more RIDOT.

RI 122 SB at the northern end of RI 99; there is an identical NB assembly (save arrow direction). Note the narrow I-295 shield as well as the incorrectly colored TO. RI 99 is a brief freeway connecting RI 146 (and I-295 more or less) to Woonsocket and surrounding workplaces, and thus gets quite busy in the morning.

Thus begins the Woonsignage, Woonsocket's finest attempt to muddy the waters of proper signing etiquette. Everything ends up in one sign the size of a three-digit state route blank, just one that's turned 90 degrees in this case. Some are turned, some aren't, all are crowded but efficient.

Park Ave. NB.

Main St. NB at RI 122 in downtown. Main St. may or may not be RI 104; click somewhere on the second half of this sentence to read the full story. RI 126 isn't around here, so there should be a TO somewhere in that assembly, but YOU tell Woonsocket what to do, go ahead, I dare you.

In the photo above, parts of the top sign (such as the 2) were fading really badly. So between 2001 and 2006, Woonsocket stepped in and replaced it with a brand-new Woonsign! They still forgot the NORTH RI 122 <--- shield for High St. to the left.

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