Rhode Island Roads - RI 12

MA 12 WB at its end at MA 14/MA 102. I thought Connecticut was bad with these Mass-style shields... but Rhode Island has an "R.I." at the top of the shield! You can't miss it!

Phenix Ave. becomes RI 51 to the southwest. Firstly, RI 51 is more north-south than east-west. Secondly, there are no actual RI 51 shields on the route itself. This is the only one, and (thirdly) it's not even on the correct route! (My guess - this was supposed to be a WEST 12, and the 51 was destined for closer to the actual junction.)

At RI 51 itself, no 51 shield to be found.

This is a closeup of the arrow in the shield atop this page. Back in the 1930's, whatever Rhode Island had in the way of a highway department realized it would be useful to be able to turn an arrow 8 ways, rather than make 8 separate types of arrows. This is west of RI 2 in Cranston.

Roomy shield, WB.

On RI 12 WB between US 1A and RI 10, this has been here since 2002 (the date of the first picture). The sign is clearly fastened to the pole, and hasn't merely swung upside-down.

WB at RI 117 and what should be US 1A. RIDOT has a habit of putting US shields on RI 1A and RI shields on US 1A - visit the link at bottom and the US 1 page for more. RI 12 begins east of US 1A, at the original US 1A, Broad St. Now, US 1A follows Warwick Ave., which has always been RI 117, but neither 12 nor 117 was properly truncated (117 ends where US 1A turns onto Norwood Ave. as it did before the new arrangement, although 117 used to continue northward from there to US 1).

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