Rhode Island Roads - RI 117

Twice in the same day, and almost never else, I have seen Rhode Island use a BEGINS plate. There are no BEGIN plates in the state, just these aberrations. Watch me eat my words.

WB at RI 113, which bypasses downtown Warwick and takes traffic exactly where the sign promises. Makes a lot more sense than putting this Bypass shield at US 1 itself.

Airport Road EB, on the north side of T.F. Green Airport. Notice that North is left and West is straight. This is clearly the wrong place to change the direction of 117. Given that through traffic should be using 117A anyway, keep 117 north-south until at least Warwick Cove (where it meets Warwick Ave. again, after abandoning it here to RI 117A).

Chomp chomp chomp. Tasty words. Okay, so there's at least one BEGIN sign in the state as well. SB on US 1A (shame, RIDOT), RI 117 magically appears out of an intersection (it used to turn and follow Broad Street northward toward US 1, while US 1A came up Broad Street from the south and bumped off 117), only to break off a short while later. Why this brief segment multiplexed with 1A can't just be "TO 117" is beyond me. But hey, that's RIDOT for you. Note that the last photo's shields were definitely not installed with the others, meaning there are two generations of state-shield wrongness here.

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