Rhode Island Roads - RI 116

Ugly even by RIDOT standards. Sorry, RIDOT.

This escaped from the bottom of a different barrel, and still has no place in public view. I believe it is northbound.

More ugly signs, and the US 6 page even has a few more. The FHWA is screaming.

It looked a lot better way back in 1970 when Michael Summa took this photo. Not much difference in the shields then and now, but the directional banners on top have gotten a little larger.

No, RI 116 actually DOES turn right here, for a short hop with US 44 before continuing north again.

This is on the RI 116/RI 5 multiplex with RI 104. RI 5 will leave 116 very shortly and join 104, hence the shields in the foreground. RI 104 (the Farnum Pike) is the through route, while RI 5 turns onto it and RI 116 both turns onto and off of it, hence the older shield in the background. Now, where does 116 get to go? Oops.

One of the old Rhode Island signs that damns the spacing and sticks things wherever they fit. Straight ahead go RI 104 and RI 5 NB, and to the right goes RI 116 NB.

Come on, even RIDOT can do better than this paltry southbound shield.

No R.I., which you can see through the blur, but this isn't MA 116. This is northbound just past RI 7.

Northbound at and then on the other side of a short duplex, with a terribly ugly Interstate shield (even by RIDOT one-piece standards) on an entirely one-piece assembly. The standalone shield compounds the font error shown atop this page by also having far too large a directional sign.

Grove Rd. WB from Leigh Rd., where RI 116 (Angell Road) cuts it off. Grove Road is the old, hillier, more sharply curved alignment of Angell Road, before it even became RI 116.

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