Rhode Island Roads - RI 113

RI 113

East Ave. between RI 2 and RI 33; this was RI 113 until 113 was truncated at 2.

New strange-font sign, RI 113 westbound at its end. Maybe I'm paranoid about catching errors, but it looks like the N in NORTH is larger than the other letters and centered - it should be bottom-justified.

An old BGS on 113 EB in Warwick. 113 is a surface street, but since I-95 is just to the west of RI 5, there was a diamond intersection between 113 and 5. Yes, diamond intersection - 113 and 5 crossed at-grade, but 113 traffic had to use exit ramps to turn left onto 5, and left-turning 5 traffic had to U-turn past the intersection to use the other side's ramp to 113. This was reconfigured into a standard four-way intersection:

Looking north in the first two photos at the brand-new RI 5 southbound roadway (not yet open in these photos), with a crossover as traffic would be detoured to reconstruct the northbound roadway at the intersection. The last photo looks south from 113 along the future RI 5 SB.

EB and WB at US 1, and I prefer the westbound sign. The yellow sign should be white on green, and the shield should be a standard white shield, not the same color as the sign. Also, the horizontal bar gives the impression that the airport is a separate destination from US 1. The green sign is quite old, but not even the tree could prevent it from getting a patch on the bottom (the arrow and "300 FEET"). See the US 1 page (linked below) for a related LGS on 1 that's easier to see, with the same scratched-out numeral(s), the same old RI font, and the same rounded corners.

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