Rhode Island Roads - RI 104

Many of the photos on this page (such as the one above, on S. Main St. EB at Providence St.) are from Woonsocket, with arrows and directions inside the shields. Many also manage to fit the "R.I." somewhere. To see more on other routes, follow the Woonsocket link at the bottom of the page.

RI 104 never goes into Massachusetts, so MA 104 is right out, as Brother Maynard would say.

One-piece assembly on RI 104 NB, but 104 doesn't actually cross RI 146A. It jogs east to Park Ave. on a short concurrency.

This border monument is at the same intersection as above. The other embossed shield is somewhere on eBay.

Now see, this is the wrong RI 104. Providence St. is the road that crossed straight over RI 146A, and it ends here at S. Main St. Since this isn't really RI 104, this isn't really a Woonsign. You'll see some real ones soon.

First photo: Social St. WB in Woonsocket at Worrall St., where RI 104 SB begins in a block at Clinton St. Second photo: S. Main St. in Woonsocket heading southwest at Providence St., where RI 104 begins. There's a 50/50 chance that you'll be right if you pick one of these as the correct beginning of RI 104. You'll have to keep reading to see why I'm not sure.

Main St. northeastbound at RI 122. This appears to also be RI 104 NB, but I can't be sure. That explanation's getting close now....

When Woonsocket gets a traditional shield, it makes its own tiny directional banners and (where applicable) arrows, such as the banner atop this shield. This is reinforcing that RI 104 NB follows Main St. to Clinton St., but nothing's certain, as you are going to find out in the next caption.

Clinton St. northeastbound at the end of Truman Drive. I'm pretty sure the first one is at the right-turn ramp between the two, and the second one was at the intersection itself - but since the second one appears to not be there anymore, the world may never know. Truman Drive bypasses Main St. for 2000 feet or so, and is a nice four-lane expressway with no cross streets (a few driveways, though, so I'm bending the definition of "expressway"). As you can see, the shields in the second photo are REALLY old, and that's because RI 104 SB used to come down Social St. from RI 126, turn left on Worrall St., and continue straight onto Truman Drive. The remnant of RI 104 SB does indeed follow Truman Drive, a nice demi-expressway with a few driveways but no intersecting streets that ends at Bernon St., where RI 104 SB continues to make a left onto S. Main Street. Meanwhile, RI 104 NB never used Truman Drive, curiously staying on Main St. which then turns into Clinton St. and continues on up to RI 126. RI 104 now ends at itself right at this intersection, which means that half of these signs are still right, even if 2/3 of them are gone.

For your roadgeeking pleasure, I made a second trip to circle back onto RI 104 SB on Truman Drive, and found this Woonsign at Bernon St. Then I came back years later and discovered that there was a similar sign just before.

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