Rhode Island Roads - RI 103, 103A, 103/114

RI 103 (and 103A) and

Starting with one of Rhode Island's newest highways, a detour for Kent Corner, Riverside. RI 103 itself is slightly shorter than RI 103A, but presumably has more traffic. The new ugly sign is at Crescent View Ave., which brings 103A back from the Bullocks Point peninsula.

At and onto RI 114 with some fairly old signs. The shields on those two U-turns (note the lack of mention of RI 103 West) are the old way of doing things - large numerals, no "R.I." on top.

The northbound/westbound multiplex breakup. RI 103 WB has to follow a U-turn ramp to RI 114 SB to get to County Rd., but unlike the NB U-turns, here 103 is actually signed onto the other side. Really, though, both directions of 103 are accessible here.

Massasoit Ave. WB at RI 103/114, left and right sides of a clearly old bridge.

Left and right sides facing EB away from 103/114.

The western of two RI 103/114 bridges that RI should have taken down long ago, crossing to a spit of land that's part of Barrington but whose only land connection is to Massachusetts. These photos were taken in 2001, heading eastbound but with the last two facing west. As you can see, the old bridge is straight ahead while the new one forces traffic to one side. At least RIDOT put the two new bridges on opposite sides of the old ones, so they're not exactly the same experiences.

As of autumn 2007, the western bridge has been completely removed, and a significant amount of the structure of the new bridge is in place. These photos are eastbound. Finally, traffic can once again drive straight.

Same bridge, westbound.

Now to the eastern of the two bridges, starting with my 2001 photos (all taken eastbound, last one facing west). It remains to be seen whether or not RIDOT will leave the current 103/114 bridges in place next to them for the next 50+ years.

This bridge's construction is not as far along as the western bridge. I assume there is no need to open them both at the same time.

Westbound photos at the bridge in autumn 2007. Many of the bridge piers are in place, but not all of them, and none of the superstructure like at the western bridge (for example, the central arch).

I finally got a decent retake of this photo. It's in Warren and eastbound.

One-piece assembly on RI 136 SB.

Onto RI 114 alone

Into Massachusetts on 103
RI 138's Jamestown Bridge, the other former abandoned one
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