Rhode Island Roads - Renumbering

Renumbering Rhode Island

The rules of the game:
1) Other states maintain their signage as current even if a route ends at the border. No more border continuity (CT-RI 216, RI-MA 81, etc.); in the case of RI-MA 114A, I presume MA would renumber to MA 89 to match my proposed RI 89. (87 and 89 are both free and would both fit.)
2) No new Interstate routes. No RI 95 to avoid conflict.
3) US 1A will be decommissioned because MA does not recognize it, and US 6A will be decommissioned because it is short and not a useful alternate to US 6. (It could be signed Business US 6 if RIDOT were so inclined.) All other US highways will cross the state border at the same points but may be rerouted (especially in the Providence area). No RI 1, 6, or 44 to avoid conflicts.
3) No new miles of road may be built. Freeways may not be upgraded from existing surface roads (e.g. upgrading RI 146 north of RI 99), but surface roads may be upgraded from town maintenance to state maintenance and standards.
4) A US highway or state route may be downgraded to a town road.
5) For my purposes, odds go N-S, evens go E-W, and numbers increase from the NW corner. Routes ending in 5 or 0 are the longest. Anything state-maintained will have a two-digit designation, including US and Interstate routes and short stubs measurable in hundreds of feet. It's up to RIDOT whether to sign a particular route or not, though I imagine the Interstate and US highway "secret routes" will go unposted because they are not continuous with the major route.
6) Any route or section of route not mentioned in the list is downgraded. Any route mentioned in the list that was town- or city-maintained (such as RI 51) is now state-maintained.

My proposed state route shield in the colors of the Ocean State.

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PROPOSED RI ROUTES (directions given S-N and W-E)
US 1RI 90, RI 43, RI 45, RI 55, RI 65, RI 67, RI 77, RI 75
US 6RI 30, RI 35, RI 28, RI 34
US 44RI 10, RI 20, RI 22, RI 55, RI 61, RI 28
I-95RI 35, RI 49, RI 28, RI 77
I-195RI 28, RI 26
I-295RI 35, RI 12

CURRENT (directions given S-N and W-E)
RI 2RI 114 west of RI 121
RI 3RI 78
RI 5Watch Hill Rd., RI 1A, US 1, Grove Ave., RI 3, RI 102, RI 94
RI 7RI 100
RI 8RI 107
RI 9RI 96
RI 10US 44, RI 102, RI 146A, RI 146, Sayles Hill Rd., RI 126, Main St./Manville Hill Rd., RI 122, RI 120
RI 11RI 102 north of RI 94, RI 98
RI 12I-295 east of RI 146
RI 13RI 3 between RI 102 and 118
RI 14RI 116 east of RI 104
RI 15Hopkins Hill Rd., RI 3, RI 33, RI 116, RI 5, RI 104, Providence St., Main St., Truman Dr., RI 126
RI 16RI 123
RI 17RI 216 south of northern RI 91 junction
RI 18Anan Wade Rd., Snake Hill Rd., W. Greenville Rd.
RI 19RI 112 north of RI 2
RI 20US 44 east of RI 102, RI 15, Main St./Church St., Park Pl., RI 114, RI 15
RI 21RI 33 north of RI 117, RI 115, RI 51
RI 22US 44 between RI 15 and eastern US 1 junction
RI 23RI 33 north of RI 115
RI 24RI 101
RI 25RI 2, RI 5 south of RI 116
RI 26I-195 east of Exits 4-5
RI 27RI 110
RI 28US 6 east of I-295 (RI 10, I-95, I-195), US 44 west of Broadway
RI 29RI 108 north of RI 1A
RI 30US 6, US 6A, Broadway, US 1, Memorial Blvd., Waterman St./Angell St., Henderson Bridge, Broadway, US 44
RI 31RI 4
RI 32RI 14 east of RI 102, Westminster St., US 1 south of Broadway
RI 33Branch Pike, RI 5, RI 146A
RI 34RI 103, Warren Ave., US 6
RI 35I-95, I-295, RI 146, RI 99
RI 36RI 12 west of Old Plainfield Pike
RI 37RI 128, US 44, RI 104 south of RI 5
RI 38Natick Ave. south of RI 51, RI 37
RI 39RI 10 south of US 6
RI 40RI 14, Old Plainfield Pike, RI 12
RI 41RI 5, RI 2
RI 42Airport Connector
RI 43RI 108, US 1 south of RI 1A
RI 45Ocean Rd. (Point Judith), RI 1A, US 1, Weybosset St./Westminster St., College St.
RI 46RI 113
RI 47RI 7, Douglas Pike to MA
RI 48RI 115
RI 49I-95 between I-295 and I-195
RI 50RI 117 west of Warwick Neck Ave.
RI 51US 1A, Post Rd., Broad St. south of US 1
RI 52RI 103 east of RI 114
RI 53RI 117A
RI 54RI 118, RI 3, Cowesett Rd.
RI 55Warwick Neck Ave., RI 117, US 1A, US 44, US 1, RI 246 to Admiral St., RI 146
RI 56RI 401
RI 57RI 146 south of Admiral St.
RI 59RI 246 north of Admiral St.
RI 60RI 177
RI 61US 1A/US 44, India St., Gano St. south of Angell St.
RI 62Bates Trail, Frenchtown Rd., RI 402
RI 63RI 126 south of Social St./Clinton St.
RI 64RI 403
RI 65US 1 north of RI 246, RI 122, Cumberland St., RI 126, Railroad St., RI 122
RI 67US 1 north of RI 122, George St., Park Pl., RI 15, RI 114, RI 121
RI 68RI 179, Adamsville Rd. to MA
RI 69Veterans Memorial Pkwy.
RI 70RI 165, RI 3, RI 102 to east
RI 71Broadway (East Providence), RI 152
RI 72RI 138 between RI 114 and RI 138A
RI 73RI 103A
RI 74RI 138 between US 1 and RI 238
RI 75RI 138A west of Thames St., RI 238, RI 138, RI 114, RI 103 (Barrington), RI 114, US 1
RI 76Bridgetown Rd. (from RI 138 to RI 1A)
RI 77I-95 north of US 6
RI 78RI 238 west of RI 138A (Goat Island)
RI 79US 1A north of RI 114
RI 80RI 138 west of US 1
RI 81RI 114 north of RI 103 (Barrington), East Shore Expwy.
RI 82RI 216, RI 91 to east
RI 83RI 214
RI 84RI 91 west of RI 216 (as signed)
RI 85RI 138A east of Thames St., RI 138, Boyds Lane, RI 114, RI 136
RI 86RI 1A, South Kingston section west of Beach St.
RI 88RI 1A, section near RI 110
RI 89RI 114A (both)
RI 90US 1 west of RI 108
RI 92RI 1A, Rum Pond section
RI 93RI 24
RI 94RI 1A, Charlestown section
RI 96RI 1A, Ninigret Park section
RI 97RI 77, RI 138
RI 98RI 1A, Westerly section east of Watch Hill Rd.
RI 99RI 81

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