Rhode Island Roads - Misc. Routes

Miscellaneous Routes

RI 51 WB, Phenix Ave. south of RI 12. It's mostly unsigned beyond one shield on 12 - it also formerly was mentioned on I-295 guide signs (I have an example there, but they're all gone now). I don't think it's state-maintained, either, perhaps making it Rhode Island's shoddiest route. It's so shoddy, it took a frustrated neighborhood resident to scratch one of Phenix Ave.'s turns into a guiderail to prevent motorists from losing the trail.

Rusty STOP AHEAD sign on RI 94 SB.

Hill St. in Coventry, off of RI 115, with a truss so old and narrow Google Maps just assumes there's no river crossing at all.

Sneech Pond Road, heading west from Little Pond County Road in Diamond Hill, Cumberland, and then U-turned and heading back east. This is the original road that is now RI 120, the Nate Whipple Highway; 120 can be seen in the third photo at RI 114.

This shield is wooden, and does nothing for traffic because it got squeezed behind the new utility pole. I think it was just north of RI 3, and is gone now because finally RIDOT took down the old pole.

Metal, still up, and yet manages to help traffic very little, especially at night.

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