Rhode Island Roads - Memorial Blvd.

Memorial Boulevard, Providence

All photos are westbound.

The road was done up very nicely, and Providence is hardly a ghetto (nor is it a bustling, shiny city of the future), so these nice touches in ceramic tile will be here to greet you and probably your children as well.

Approaching the beginning of the US 6 freeway, with signs old and new. The old signs with the special Rhode Island font were around when I was in college, and by 2010, the ugly new signs were up in their place. Bless their souls, RIDOT is still putting up white-background shields, but they're no longer historic and desirable.

Showing off the style of downtown Providence overhead signs. Although not signed here, RI 10 just mysteriously begins at I-95, multiplexed with US 6 - this partially makes sense due to 10 being applied over the entire loop freeway, but in my opinion RI 10 should just end at the western junction with US 6, unless RIDOT wants to take over Memorial Blvd. and have 10 end downtown at US 1 or US 44.

Same basic signage as the ramp from US 6 EB/RI 10 NB.

The US 6/I-95 interchange

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