Alps' Roads Special - Providence Road Meet

Providence Road Meet, August 7, 2010

The meet was the start of a weeklong vacation in Canada for me, which I'm not detailing on this page. Getting to the meet was also not much of an adventure, as I had my sister in tow to a stop off of Gano St., so it was just entering the state on I-95 to I-195 to Exit 3.

Is Gano St. really a trashy part of town?

From there it was back to I-195 WB and north on I-95 to Gregg's on US 1 between RI 126 and RI 122, home of the best death by chocolate that could ever kill you. The meet assembled there, enjoyed their lunch, and headed out to the first stop at the Mixed-Up Mile. Well, it wasn't supposed to be a stop, but guess what, people got mixed up! Despite my best efforts, people lost the trail north from US 1 to RI 15 - maybe it was the quick left-right at Main St. to get between the two routes. Anyway, I duly circled through on Broadway, which carries both RI 114 SB and NB in the same direction, got everyone collected, and headed toward the first actual stop at I-195 construction via I-95 to Memorial Blvd. That route gave attendees the opportunity to drive through Rhode Island's largest interchange (95 at US 6/RI 10) and to spy on abandoned old I-195 from Dyer St. (continuation of Memorial Blvd.). The meet crossed the Point St. bridge and got out to survey the new bridge from ground level and take the meet photo:

Left to right: Oscar Voss, Doug Kerr, Scott Onson, Shawn DeCesari, Michael Pruett, Eric Bryant, myself (kneeling), Mike Tantillo, Anthony Costanzo, Steve Anderson, Zack Lewis. Click for closeup.

The next meet stop was a few feet away to the east, as we walked over to check out the newer and older spans of Washington Bridge at India Point. En route to the next stop, the meet went up Gano St. (my sister was not there to see us by), turning onto the Henderson Bridge for some stubs and button copy, then down Broadway to US 44, I-195, and I-95 to US 1 at RI 12 in Cranston. The meet came up RI 10 from the stub all the way to Dean St., and circled back to Harris Ave. for the original white-on-black freeway sign still there. It was a quick jaunt over on US 6 to get to the next stop at the I-295 interchange, ducking off and back on at RI 14 to grab a shot of the "RI Rte 195" overhead on the ramp. To those who want to visit themselves, duck off 6 at RI 5, turn right on Central Ave., and right again just past I-295 on Old Pocasset Rd. We hopped onto the graded EB offramp and followed both forks as far as we could, and then it was back into the cars to Gregg's to part ways. Directions gave people the option of taking US 6 or US 6A for a change of pace, eventually to I-95 and Exit 25B to US 1. This meet had been long overdue with construction happening for several years, but came just in time to see a great mix of old and new.

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