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RI-MA 81

A one-piece assembly proves one size doesn't fit all; neither shield really needs an arrow. The second sign is also on RI 177 EB, and 177 would have its own page if there were anything else interesting on it, but this is it.

Onto the highway of interest, with the second photo southbound. I've never seen this wide style shield elsewhere in Rhode Island, so I don't know if it's an old style that has been entirely replaced except for this one forgotten intersection, or if it's a one-off by a contractor from 30-40 years ago.

Another, uglier way to make a route shield. I hope RIDOT has moved on from these.

Across the border into Fall River, MA, and what appears to be a clear example of a town-erected sign, SB.

Just as MA 81 is beginning from I-195 and heading south, it gets this awesome original state-name shield, one of less than a suitcaseful left (you just can't hold these in your hand).

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