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In Providence, there are a bunch of these old US-shield-shaped signs for various intersections/squares. This one appears to be the Peter J. Something Memorial Square. Second photo is an embossed Providence street sign, which are on the way out. Why do all my Providence shots come out blurry?

Renumbering Rhode Island
8/7/10 Providence Road Meet


US 1
US 6
US 44
Henderson Bridge, proposed US 44

Old Jamestown bridge
Memorial Blvd., Providence

Misc. Routes

Rhode Island Non-Roads
RI 2
RI 3
RI 4
RI 5
RI 7
RI 10
RI 12
RI 14
RI 15
RI 24
RI 33
RI 37
RI 77
RI-MA 81
Old RI 84 and CT 184
RI 91
RI-MA 96
RI 101
RI 102
RI 103 and 103A
RI 104
RI 107
RI 113
RI 114
RI 116
RI 117
RI-MA 121
RI 122
RI 123
RI 126
RI 138
RI 138A
RI 146
RI 146A
RI 238
RI 246
RI 402
RI 403

Mixed message, Leigh Rd. NB in Cumberland approaching a curve, but definitely not a stop. I guess this sign REALLY makes you slow down.

I'm sure you can win a bar bet by knowing this street exists. It's in Chepachet.

Snake Hill Rd. WB into the Ponagansett Reservoir, and then facing eastward out of the reservoir again. On the other side, it comes back to life as Old Snake Hill Road, and then turns into a trail as it nears Connecticut. The reservoir is notable for being undammed.

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