Queensland Roads - Victoria Br. Brisbane

Victoria Bridge, Brisbane

Let's start with a view of the main span from the southeast.

Looking south along the Brisbane River at the Goodwill Bridge.

Looking north along the Brisbane River at the Medieval Torture Device Kurilpa Bridge and the graceful arches of the William Jolly Bridge behind it.

The M3 Riverfront Expwy. floats over the water beneath the Brisbane skyline, topped by the Infinity Tower (opened in 2014, photos are from 11/2013). The random broken umbrella spokes of the Kurilpa are to the lower left.

From the west side of Victoria Br., I get a slightly different view of the Goodwill Bridge as it arcs down under the M3 Captain Cook Bridge.

An abutment of the previous 1896 Victoria Bridge was left on the southwest shore of the current 1969 bridge, and this arch was left on top of it. It features a tribute to Hector Vasyli, a child killed by a parade vehicle while attempting to welcome soldiers returning from WWI. Moral of the story: behave or you'll be remembered forever.

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