Queensland Roads - TD 1

Tourist Drive 1

TD 1 starts out heading east from Warwick on Warwick Killarney Rd.

All sides of a very old assembly at Tannymorel Rd.: EB, WB, and SB. The top sign is clearly a different generation than the bottom - not just the darker near-black green, but the different arrow on the end. But the lighter sign appears to be in worse shape overall and an older style of pointed arrow, so just in case that's the older one, click on the last photo for a closeup.

WB approaching Yangan Killarney Rd.

Just like before, we have EB, WB, and SB at the Yangan Killarney Rd. junction. I'm on Warwick Killarney Rd., so you can guess which town I'm near now. All of the signs here are the blockier arrow I saw at Tannymorel, leaving just the one pointy arrow sign.

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