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SR 95

First we have SR 88 EB in Yarrabilba, and then we have River Rd. SB in Waterford near the SR 94 junction. The latter sign needs a border and some spacing so that you don't think SR 95 is a loop to Tamborine Mtn Logan.

Here's one where QLD DOT forgot the patch. This is NB at Station Rd. by what is now M6. I'm not sure that this was Metroad 4, either - the sources I've found indicate this was Metroad 6 (hence the M6 nomenclature now) and Metroad 4 followed what's now M2 from the Logan Motorway onto the Gateway Motorway well west of here.

Station Rd. WB at that point, carrying M6 WB exit traffic.

As far as I know, Acacia Ridge was always Acacia Ridge, and I'm unaware of any other Acacias in the area, so my guess is someone got the spelling wrong. Also as far as I know, SR 30 was always SR 30, and SR 50 is nowhere in this area. But mere things like correctness don't stop QLD DOT.

Looking up the M1 NB entrance ramp from SR 95 across from Levington Rd. in Eight Mile Plains.

Saving the weirdest for last, Levington Rd. NB approaching the ramp you just saw. The bottom of the sign is intact but the top is a mess. Breaking this down, M1 is over a Metroad 1 shield, the patch to its left is actually over an airplane symbol, and the airport name is over "Gateway Bridge". Part of the motivation here may have been to name the airport, and part that the Gateway Bridge is now named the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges. (If you can't tell by the names, the change came when the original bridge was dualised in 2010. It's still generally called the Gateway Bridge, though.)

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