Queensland Roads - SR 63

SR 63

All photos are northbound.

SR 63 is way out in the wilderness, but it's a pretty fun drive. You get narrow bridges like at the Burdekin River and a half-paved road from the base of the Pelican Range all the way up to pretty much the end of the road. Car coming? Move into the gravel shoulder. But there's a good chance you won't have to deal with that. Passing, though, requires patience.

Bottom and top of a single signpost. The homemade white sign points down Greenvale Valley Rd., but I'm not entirely sure where the official green sign points. It used to read "Conjuboy" and got tilted over time. It would make the most sense to point traffic on Greenvale Valley Rd. SB right on SR 63 NB toward SR 62 to Conjuboy, but you could theoretically get there by following Greenvale Valley Rd. all the way out to SR 62 as Wynandote Conjuboy Rd. Thing is, it's a longer distance via SR 63 but almost certainly faster than the unimproved shortcut. So I'll go with "pointing northwest on 62."

20 km to The Lynd, which is a small oasis just south on SR 62. And when I get to 62, there is no indication it also is to the left. Well, it is.

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