Queensland Roads - SR 3

SR 3

All photos are westbound leaving Bundaberg.

SR 3 is an elliptical loop off of A1 to Bundaberg and back. It ends in Gin Gin. Every other town on this sign is not on SR 3 and should be in parentheses, but QLD... Oh, Queensland.

In most places, we would call the entrance to Bundaberg Botanical Gardens a left turn, but in QLD, it's an exit! Curious looking freeway I'm on.

See? Moore Park and Town of 1770 aren't on SR 3. QLD needs to pick a consistent font for its SR 3 shields and buy some more parentheses. Rosedale Rd. (hidden SR 16, one of two in the state because Queensland) does go there and Lowmead, but Town of 1770 is another turnoff and should again be in parentheses. Why not sign this SR 16? It's no more confusing to have two of them than anything else QLD tries to sign.

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