Queensland Roads - SR 26

SR 26, Hornibrook Bridge

All photos are northbound except where I stopped for the bridge.

I'm on the thoroughly modern Houghton Highway Bridge over Moreton Bay (SR 26/27), but there's a more interesting one to my left. Well, some fraction of one, anyway. That's the Hornibrook Bridge, the original 1935 crossing between Bristol (Brisbane) and Clontarf. Some of the northern end remains as a dock, but the only remnant to the south is the welcome entrance and a structural stub.

I've stopped at the north end and present to you as many details as I can muster.

Looking south across the bay, then walking back north to the car.

I get the feeling SR 71 was extended later, but I have no way to prove it.

All of these photos are now with SR 71 WB and, I suppose, TD Dugong. Nothing has to make sense, this is Queensland. The speed limit is a broken piece of a construction sign, and since Anzac Ave. was significantly upgraded just after I went through, perhaps it was a work in progress instead of a remnant.

This is M1, but it's not NH M1. QLD doesn't do NH alphanumeric routes, except when it does (A2, A15, A39).

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