Queensland Roads - SR 22

SR 22

All photos are northbound.

NB leaving Brisbane at Upper Kedron Rd. in Ferny Grove, then beyond city limits. Strathpine is not on SR 22, as you will soon see, so it ought to be in parentheses, but nothing is quite right in Queensland.

See, Strathpine is to the right. And that's also SR 74. And SR 22 continues straight. Thanks, sign.

Through Closeburn to more scenes of Mt. Glorious (left of 4th photo) and Mts. D'Aguilar and Samson (toward the right in the 3rd photo). Bet you didn't know you could peel letters off of signs. These were taped on, so go ahead! (Side note: decimal distance? 3 or 4 would be fine.)

The bottom sign is trying really hard to be a real sign, but fails at the last second.

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