Queensland Roads - SR 16

Assorted old shields (starting with the one atop the page) on the west leg of SR 16 heading SB toward the route's end in Mundingburra. This is the only signed SR 16, but there may be another secret one down by Rosedale. Not even Queensland appears to know for sure.

If there's one thing SR 16 is good at, it's errors. This is also on the west leg, SB at SR 9. 16 goes straight, 9 goes left. 16 does not go left.

Over to the eastern leg of the candy cane-shaped route, SB at McIlwraith St near downtown Townsville. This sign features a blueout.

NB and SB at Boundary St. Clear enough for you? If it helps, SR 16 goes straight and SR 14 goes left and right in both photos. I will say that QLD did get around to patching the egregious NB sign with the correct shields (the destinations are correct, so it's not that the sign was in the wrong place), but the SB error with SR 16 to the right remains.

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