Queensland Roads - SR 15/old NH 15

SR 15, Story Bridge, former NH 15

SR 41 (Stanley St.) WB.

The first view of the Story Bridge comes from the top of the hill at the SR 23 merge. I was going to comment on the Kangaroo Pt font, but that's a patch over something else.

The left side of the SB gantry at SR 23 is old, the centre is cool, and the right is all weird. I bet at least one of these patches is over an NH 15 shield (it followed SR 15 straight into A7, which becomes M7, which flows into M2, where NH 15 now begins), and the M3 is definitely patching a Metroad 3 shield.

Let's just get to the cool part. Story Bridge NB. Lots of metal. Enjoy.

It's so cool, let's drive it SB as well. There are plenty of bridge plaques and I managed to miss all of them.

One last non-bridge photo, NB at the split from Gipps St. (left) into Barry Pde. I think SR 15 is patched over NH 15 on this sign as well.

Current NH 15

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