Queensland Roads - SR 10

SR 10, William Jolly Bridge

Let's just get the one non-bridge photo out of the way. This is on SR 10 NB from Caxton St., Petrie Tce. at a U-turn onto Countess St. to head back south - this is for Caxton St. EB traffic to get to downtown Brisbane. I take it the centre lane once went straight only, but traffic volumes forced QLD DOT's hand.

Walking north from South Brisbane to the beginning of the Jolly Bridge.

Downtown Brisbane is to the right, headlined by the 2014 Infinity Tower nearing completion. What comes below the headliner? If I'm in a car, it's a pile of trash by my feet that needs to be tossed, and that's pretty much how I feel about the Kurilpa Bridge. Sometimes you have to leave the architects at home.

The bridges to the west are a lot nicer. The through arch is the Merivale Bridge (railway only), and the concrete arch behind it is the tolled Go-Between Bridge.

Continuing north, here are some varied architectural views of the Jolly Bridge, and a not-so-jolly look east at Kurilpa still standing there existing.

North, north, north.

Looking back south.

From the north end of the bridge, you get nice views of the Brissie skyline, M3 along the waterfront with ramps decked over the motorway, and the guest appearance of the Victoria Bridge in the background. Unfortunately, the foreground is less nice of a view.

One more look west at the overall Merivale span.

The bridge comes to an end with a staircase built into the M3 retaining wall.

One last look south.

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