Queensland Roads - NR 13

NR 13, Mt. Lindesay Highway

All photos are northbound.

NR 13 is TD 16, at least down here at Kooralbyn Rd. So why is the shield turned sideways?

Okay, yes, the road curves left. That's not what arrows are for. These are at Laravale Rd.

This is QLD for you. Tack the shield onto the sign there (or shields - the 13 is in an odd spot), turn it sideways on the next one so no one can see it.

More signs from the SR 90 junction, which I found at the base of a work zone. TD 16 is nice and prominent here.

TD 16 finally leaves NR 13 in downtown Beaudesert, but of course, a different tourist drive starts. Can't leave NR 13 unattended. I don't get the point of designating a tourist drive on numbered highways. You can follow those other numbers! Leave TDs for unnumbered roads!

Hints of beauty on either side of Gleneagle, where you'll find the faded pedestrian signs. Mt. Juberra is to the left and Mt. Joyce to the right in the last photo.

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