Queensland Roads - NR 1

Kennedy Highway

All photos are eastbound except the next two.

WB from SR 62.

I'm not sure what's going on here at all. Kilometre posts are supposed to be green, not blue. They're not supposed to have large ticks on top - how do you follow this sign anyway? Don't get bitten by a tick? If you're a tick, turn around? And SY does not stand for any settlement or landmark I'm able to find. This is 13 minutes (so let's say about 20 km) west of my next photo, if you want to help.

Tourist Drives are in brown pentagons. This is not a Tourist Drive. I don't know what this is. Mining Route? Also, there is no SR 1 in QLD. This should be an NR 1 shield, but nothing surprises me in QLD so this may not even be the only SR error.

Low bridge at Nettle Creek in Innot Hot Springs.

Old signs abound in Atherton, including the shield atop this page (found over a KEEP LEFT sign).

Is all of NR 1 overlaid with TD 14? What's the point of designating a tourist drive? The City in question is Cairns and the east end of NR 1 is nigh.

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