Queensland Roads - NH 15

NH 15, New England Highway

All photos are NB until the last one.

A pair of old km posts for Stanthorpe and Warwick.

Between there, we have Thulimbah, which is where this photo is, which means that it's not just to the left. But I suppose most of the town is.

A few km south of the Warwick milepost, I came across these Burma Shave-esque signs put up by QLD DOT in Stanthorpe. They colourfully distract you from the driving task at hand while you try to read and remember each one. Oh, and there's nowhere to pull over and sleep here either.

Bonus photo! Chum St. SB in the appetizing town of New Chum, heading away from the NH 15 SB entrance ramp. There hasn't been a rail crossing here in many, many years, but the sign is clearly that old.

SR 15, former NH 15

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