Queensland Roads - Metroad 2

SR 36 NB, MacGregor, during intersection widening. It's a lot faster to get to the city straight ahead to M3.

Standalone shields are rare in general in Australia, and here we have one on each side (this is on the left, the one atop this page is on the right) heading west from SR 36. Metroads are also rare, since this and Metroad 5 are the only two left in the country, and both are around Brisbane. It should be no surprise that QLD marches to a different drummer, as they do with everything roads-related. Queensland is the only state or territory with alphanumeric routes, NH alphanumerics and numerics, national and state routes, and Tourist Drives - and then they also have Metroads. It's an utter catastrophe of roadway designations and this proud hexagon carries on the terrible tradition.

Metroad 2 departs Kessels Rd., which soon ends at SR 11, and heads south onto Riawena Rd. It used to continue straight onto Ipswich Mwy., so I'm not sure why there's a patched M7 reassurance on the left. Why would you need to know that Metroad 2 is ahead when you're already on it? (And the overhead helps.) The patched A7 covers SR 15, which is the former NH 15. If you connect the dots between those two routes, you would be on M2 and M7 (which were both Metroad 2 once - it headed west to Ipswich on Ipswich Rd. to Brisbane Rd.) to this point, and then A7 north from there. Makes total sense.

Continue west on M7, former Metroad 2
M2, former Metroad 2

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