Queensland Roads - M7/old Metroad 2

M7, Ipswich Motorway, former Metroad 2

WB approaching the end of M7, it suddenly gains exit numbers, this being the newest stretch of freeway. Of course, that doesn't mean the other exits get them. The signage also gets really stupid here. Signs should be organized left (exit) and right (through), and the exit number should be part of the exit sign. Also, there should not be an exit arrow until the exit itself.

The EB and WB exit ramps in Darra. I left a trace of the old Metroad 2 shield in the WB photo, which formerly applied to this stretch of M7 (west from its current terminus in Rocklea). QLD puts "end of motorway" signs on its exits from the motorway, which technically does apply to exiting traffic but is not correct.

Ipswich Rd., the M7 frontage road (which M7 obviously replaced), EB and WB at SR 35. M7 is patched over another Metroad 2 shield but I'm not sure what Oxley and Durack would be patched over. In fact, just about the only things not patched on these signs are SR 35 and "City". At what point do you put up a new sign?

SR 35 NB in the M7 EB roundabout junction. Errors are common in QLD, particularly among the various state routes. So yes, 35, not 33, which it coincidentally gets to in several kilometres.

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