Queensland Roads - M2/old Metroad 2

M2, Ipswich Motorway, former Metroad 2

All photos are westbound.

There's very little imagination applied to M2's pedestrian bridges. You can just change the filter when photographing one and you've got the others. So let's talk about the sign assembly in the middle. Can I call this an assembly, or is it more of a work in progress? First of all, Warwick is reached by NH 15, which is not M15 and only briefly a freeway. Second of all, without looking, which way do you go to get to Ipswich Central? Third of all, why is M2 an exit from itself? QLD is notorious for its guide signs, and this is a glimpse as to why. I'm just glad my short journey on M2 west from M7 included a cluster...love like this.

As Brisbane Rd. leaves M2 at the NH 15 junction, it enhances the diamond-shaped-pedestrian-bridge theme with something that's finally not a carbon copy. Brisbane Rd. is the former western extension of Metroad 2, all of which was probably part of NH 54 (which is mostly now A2 - see that number?).

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